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Door Handle FSB 1144 by Jasper Morrison

Author: Jasmin Jouhar

FSB 1144: Hidden behind this cryptic abbreviation is the cooperation between Franz Schneider Brakel and Jasper Morrison. In this issue of the form Design Classics Series, author Jasmin Jouhar recounts how, about 30 years ago, the British designer and the East-Westphalian hardware manufacturer developed a family of door handles together. FSB 1144 was not only Morrison’s first industrial job, but with it he also discovered a design attitude that would subsequently enter the annals of design history under the catchword Super Normal.

Gif © FSB, photo: Christian Grund, © FSB; Cover © FSB, photo: Timm Rautert; inside pages p. 8 © FSB, advertising concept: Kreutz & Partner, photo: Timm Rautert; p. 18 all images Jasper Morrison Studio; p. 21 © FSB, photo: Timm Rautert; p. 42 © edition disegno Peter Schubert Filmproduktion, film still: Verlag form GmbH + Co. KG; p. 43 © FSB, photo: Christian Grund

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